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Vision & Mission

“Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art.” – Frank Lloyd Wright

Our Mission is to impart vibrant, comprehensive and innovative learning to our students enabling them to be responsible and truthful Architects with strong moral and cultural values and to provide an ideal learning environment and ambiance to develop their skills to meet the challenges of the Globalization.

It is further to create, inculcate, imbibe, translate and apply knowledge, to address the needs of individuals, community, city and country and above all the trust of the society. This is visualized and accomplished through quality education, which communicates the knowledge and values and imparts the skills necessary for individuals to lead responsible, productive, and personally satisfying lives; through research, scholarship, and creative activities, which advance knowledge and enhance the educational process; and through harvesting talent of the individual, which contributes to the solution of societal problems and enriches the quality of life in the nation.

With this mission we aim for greater eminence and international prominence in Art, Architecture, Building and Technology while building recognition in the business, education and research. We engage the entire Accurate fraternity in our leading strengths through interdisciplinary initiatives. Programmes with the greatest potential for excellence will be targeted and given the resources to seek national and international recognition.

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