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The intensity, energy and exhilaration of the design studio makes us different from other Architecture Institutes of the region. Efficiency, responsibility and health are equally essential components of effective studio work, and are valued by our design culture. In studio culture, we believe collaboration trumps competition. Students and faculty maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect and interest in each other’s ideas. Our work will always benefit from conversations with colleagues about shared themes, precedents and resources. Even in a portable, digital age, it is an essential requirement that design happens in the studio. Working in studio moves beyond logistics, nurturing studio culture and fostering the collaborative atmosphere that we most value. At the same time, care for our working environment is an essential part of our design ethic.

A.I.A.P. provides well ventilated and naturally lighted studios for the students. The studios are fully furnished and provide all necessary furniture for the students to work. Each student has their own drafting board on which they can work efficiently and continuously for hours.